How to Get Your Own Solar!

Start saving today!

Mister Energy can get you a solar system with No Upfront Cost!

(Good Credit or Bad)

This is the solar system on Mister Energy’s home. He’s just a regular guy.

Mister Energy's Solar Installation


As you can see, it is on the sunny (south) side of the house. The solar panels are sleek and make all the power you need. If you want to save THOUSANDS of dollars with NO out-of-pocket expense you can do this too!!

SOLAR ELECTRICITY costs MUCH LESS than utility electricity!

You will save .08/kwh over your current rate of .20/kwh.

Your solar lease covers EVERYTHING — maintenance and monitoring……. NO WORRIES!!

Email your bill to Mister Energy at today and start saving right away!! Mister Energy will come out to your home and give you all the details to get your solar system. In addition Mister Energy will give you other great ways to tap into NJ and Federal programs to make your home “green and energy-efficient!!”

There are AMAZING incentives available to help you save money and make your home more comfortable, easier to maintain and worth more money!!

Call 609.576.8748 today to qualify for these incentives!


A Typical Electric Bill

This electric bill for a recent summer month is fairly average…
…at least since we started producing our own electricity!
Wouldn’t it be nice to never pay another electric bill?


Your Very Own Power Plant

Here’s how it all works!

Solar Hookup


Here you see the working components of your solar system including the inverter (which converts DC to AC),the revenue-grade meter (which counts kilowatt hours), the emergency AC-DC shutoff switch , the smart meter (that actually spins backwards when your system is producing more electricity than you are using).

The inverter is warranteed for the life of the lease and is the only part you may need to replace (after 20 years).

The revenue grade meter keeps track of every kilowatt hour produced by your system and it will log your output to sell your SRECs if you choose to keep them.

The shutoff switch can de-activate the system in case of emergency.

The smart meter tracks all the kwH your system produces and allows you to build up credits with your local utility company during the months you produce more than you use.