Monthly Archives: February 2015

Carport Installations

Parking lot structure at Joe Canals, Egg Harbor Township NJ

Think of all that open space your parking lot takes up. A solar installation over your lots puts this space to use, and can keep your customers dry in rainy weather. You can also extend advertising to you outdoor space. And with inexpensive LED lighting your lot will be even more secure for your customers […]

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How to Get Your Own Solar!

Solar Hookup

Start saving today! Mister Energy can get you a solar system with No Upfront Cost! (Good Credit or Bad) This is the solar system on Mister Energy’s home. He’s just a regular guy.   As you can see, it is on the sunny (south) side of the house. The solar panels are sleek and make all the power […]

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Ground Mounts

Ground Mount - Petersburg NJ

If you don’t have a suitable roof (shaded by trees, spanish tile or slate, or too many angles or dormers), you can put solar panels on a structure on the ground. This is ideal if your property includes some open space.

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Residential Roof Installations

Residential Roof installation - Port Republic NJ

Any home that has a roof that faces southwest to southeast can have solar on it. You don’t need to BUY the solar panels, because our leasing partner will pay for the installation and in return, you pay them 50% of what your normal electric bill would be.

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