Can't afford to put Solar on your home?
Think again!

Unlike past years, now you can have solar installed on your home for no money up front -- just a signature on a lease will do it.

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Free Energy Seminar on Saturday, Dec 14 at Ventnor Coffee

Free Energy Seminar
Bring Your Questions! Myths Debunked!
For all local homeowners considering
a New Year’s Resolution to improve their home’s
energy efficiency while saving money in the process!

Mister Energy* will hold a free home energy seminar to explain currently available ways to slash your electric bill in half (NOT the mere pennies per Kilowatt Hour those third-party suppliers promise), get free grants to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and answer any questions you may have on recent trends:

• What’s the deal with no-cost solar systems – isn’t there a catch?
• Is geothermal a possibility for shore homeowners and do I have to do a lot of digging?
• What’s new in the world of ultra-high efficiency heating and cooling?
• How does a tankless water heater work?
• Is there something better than compact fluorescents to lower my electricity usage?
• Did your insurance check from Sandy fall short of what you need to repair/replace in your home?
• Does New Jersey actually give out free grants for making my home more energy efficient?
• What do Federal tax credits cover?

Bring your electric, gas, or oil bill if you want a personalized estimate of what you can save.

Saturday, December 14
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (come for part or all)
Ventnor Coffee
108 North Dorset Avenue, Ventnor Heights
(next door to Annette’s)
Call 609-576-8748 or email for more details.

*Mister Energy is local resident Victor Maene, an energy expert and enthusiastic supporter of making our world a better place. This is an educational forum not a sales seminar!

Printable PDF flyer here: FreeEnergySeminar_Dec2013

What do you call a solar spill? A nice day.



(Mister Energy’s niece poses a few questions, curious how solar energy compares to other energy sources — and, in particular, whether there exist innate hazards in utilizing it, just as for oil, coal, and nuclear power…)

  • “So, are there any dangers from using the sun for power? Or, like, big accidents that can happen and then take years to clean up — I mean something like that ship, the… um, Exxon… the Exxon Valdez?”
  • Hmm… You know what a solar spill is — what’s another name for it?
    A nice day!
    [In the manner of a reporter on-scene:]
    Yes, we’re having a solar spill today, Saturday, September 6; it’s definitely a bad solar spill.
    (…And as a result, I’m going to get quite a nice suntan!)
    As you can see, the ocean is sparkling and beautiful, and the sky is a dazzling, bright blue… yeah, I’d say this solar spill is probably a Class 10!
  • “Well, then, is it just not as powerful? What can you use solar energy for — I mean, besides stuff like how you don’t get electric bills anymore, because of those panels on your house?”
  • It can be used for everything. Even the wind that’s blowing today comes from solar energy,
    It’s just unevenly distributed solar energy, which forms wind.
    So that sailboat out there on the horizon is actually using solar energy, just in another form.
    Just like the food that we eat was originally solar energy, before chlorophyll did its magic.
  • “But, wait — so, what can’t it be used for then? Or can everything — does everything — come from the sun?”
  • Yup, everything does, one way or another.
    Solar’s the answer to every energy question — it’s just a matter of form and substance.

What’s the deal with 3rd Party Energy Suppliers?

If you’ve ever considered or have actually gotten a third-party supplier for your electricity you can save WAY MORE MONEY by getting solar!!! 3rd party suppliers typically give you a discount of .01/kwh for 6 months to a year, and after that the price goes up and may be more than the Utility Rate you were trying to get away from!!

Solar gives you a discount of .05-.08/kwh and it is FIXED for the life of the LEASE!! Your savings are LOCKED IN!!! After the lease is up, you get the solar system for almost nothing — and it still has MANY YEARS of production left!!

Call Mister Energy today and we will come out to your home and show you how to LOCK IN YOUR SAVINGS!!

Can I get solar? I have a few trees in the way.

I consulted with a homeowner last month with a home that had a good south facing roof, but there were a couple of trees in the way. The homeowner said she’d have a hard time saying goodbye to those trees, but after i pointed out the savings in electricity, that pain will be brief.

Opening her “solar window” doesnt mean cutting down a lot of trees — you just need to have enough sun to get SRECs and eliminate/greatly reduce your electric bill.The solar window is from 90 degrees to 270 degrees and the closer to 180 degrees (due south) you are, the more power you will make (and the more SRECs your system will produce!).

To minimize her grief, the homeowner can plant some small trees (dogwood don’t get more than about 15 feet tall) and they will look great in the spring when they will be a riot of beautiful pink and white blooms.

Good roof, but a few trees…

Last Thursday we did the final install for a home that had a good south-facing roof, but there were a couple of trees in the way. The homeowner had a hard time saying goodbye to those trees, but the savings in electricity will make that pain go away pretty soon.

To assuage the loss, the homeowner planted some smaller trees in their place (dogwoods, which don’t get more than 15-20 feet tall). They will look great in the spring — a riot of beautiful pink and white blooms!